Why EposNow is the Best POS For Restaurant

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It is another great year of business opportunities particularly for those in the Restaurant/ Hospitality industry. Besides, it is more important than ever to start the year with a solution that will yield and improve your business with a guaranteed 30 days return on investment. Step forward… Eposnow Solutions

Eposnow solution is a cloud based inventory point of sale solutions that manages your entire inventory and all cash transactions in real time which can be accessed with the use of mobile phones, tablet and desktop devices keeping you on the know-how on your business.

It is used by many restaurants in Nigeria with amazing features like Table plan, spilt bills, printer support, recipe costing and stock management.


Eposnow solutions track all your inventory and helps for effective stock management. For restaurant the software will automatically alert you once you are low in stock and help with your reorder level while using Purchase Order.


Arrangement of tables is very imperative to help manage your sales. Tables are arranged in line of your physical layout. With one look, you are able to see what the current total is for each table, how many covers it has and which tables are unoccupied.


For restaurant, the need to measure your inventory down to the last gram, or kilogram gives you access to have an overview of your current stock level. The master product helps you to split all ingredients that make a particular goods or item. For instance, a bottle of vodka is sold in shot but our flexible software measures the Vodka till the last drop.


Eposnow solutions integrate with all POS Hardware devices. However, in most cases, the kitchen, bar makes up the restaurants and once the software synchronises with printers and customer’s starts to pick their orders, docket will automatically be generated at each supposed order section


Our software can split bills between different customers by choosing which item they would like to pay for. This helps track items that haven’t been paid for.

In the final analysis, with Eposnow comes a solution that has revolutionized inventory management to help support your business growth.

To request for a free demo, please visit us at www. epossolutions.com.ng or call us on 08172313884 and we would be glad to put you through the process

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