A single software solution to drive forward your multi-site operation

Managing a multi-site operation is hard – it becomes even harder when too many IT system are in place to handle the different sides of the business. Different platforms often cannot communicate properly, creating inconsistent data, waste of time and uncontrolled costs.

With EPOS Now Multisite Module, you will be able to meet all these challenges and more, consolidating your business today, tomorrow and beyond.

EPOS Now Multisite Module is built on the cloud platform, making it incredibly versatile and apt for scaling businesses. The dignified set of solutions is enabling business owners to take ownership of their data, with an access to hundreds of detailed reports. These analytic allows business owners to make informed business decisions, allowing them to make actionable changes to save them time and money. This insight into their business not only safeguards their profitability, but gives them the opportunity to thrive against corporate competition in a difficult economic climate.

Features and Benefits

Multi-location inventory management

Run all your operations fast and effortlessly from any location

One System

Different locations might have different prices and different products. With the Multi-site Module you are able to setup different products for different areas, whilst still having the benefit of using a single system to manage stock and sales across the entire business.

Automatic Stock Alert From Different Locations

Spot potential supply problems before the happen with automatic stock alerts for each store or area manager

EPOS Now Enterprise Module’s inventory feature allows for both automatic replenishment, including forecasting based on sales history, and manual replenishment with allocation planning for multiple stock locations. Enterprise businesses can use this functionality along with allocation planning to gain total control over which products are available in any given store.

Price Management

Epos Now Enterprise Module offer location specific prices for all of your products ensuring maximum margin control.

Implement a wide variety of pricing structures across your organization with our powerful solution. Manage your promotions accurately and give your customers exceptional service. Offers can be triggered by specific items or group of items in the POS according to a number of parameters, such as quantities purchased, presence of a loyalty card, loyalty attributes, tender type, coupons, transaction amount and many more.

Extensive Reporting

Unlock more value and insight from your data and business reports.

EPOS Now Enterprise Module brings extensive reporting and analytical capabilities to help you gain a consolidated view of your business from different locations. You can run sales analysis, analyze margins, inventory turn and staff productivity. You can Filter every report by Country, Location or Product Group

Manage staff access to single multiple locations.

Manage your staff from headquarters and maximize their productivity with Epos Now Enterprise Module.

The system includes a very sophisticated setup of permissions for Epos Now users. You can define staff permissions for individual operations, such as voiding an item, voiding a transaction, opening a drawer manually, returning items, selling over discount limits and many more. Through our system, management can easily plan and distribute staff rosters, handle sales commissions and oversee and approve work hours throughout the whole business.

Receipt Customisation

Customise receipts for each location

Print receipts and sales invoices, or email them to your customers.


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