What is Black Friday all about?

Black Friday has been a part of the Thanksgiving tradition and most certainly continues to impact the way we shop. Since 1952, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. The name refers to the period where retailers begin to be no longer “in the red” and begin seeing profits marked in black.

As retailers realized by offering discounted prices for just one day, they could get existing and potential customers to spend even more money thus more and more retailers begin to offer Black Friday deals and discounts. Some retailers even offered loss leaders – this is when a product is sold so low that they cannot make a profit on it, but if the customer makes other purchases, they would get profit from the other items.

The long U.S. Thanksgiving tradition has now expanded worldwide to Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, shoppers are moving towards online shopping, which offers various deals by the hours, days or even weeks with fast delivery options. Every year’s Black Friday sales to the previous year, so it is essential to make sure the retail site is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and a fast check out process. Simplifying the ease of shopping online can in term result in higher gross in sales and customer satisfaction!

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